Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology

Projects by current Phd Students

PhD Projects
Project Naam University Yeargroup
Substance use and the relation with high school social networks Melissa A. González Loyola RUG 2024
A gender lens to facilitate sustainable climate actions Maike Weiper UU 2023
Selection and Influence Mechanisms in Social Networks Pau Vila Soler RUG 2023
Decentralized Science (DeSci): Promises and Limitations of Blockchain Based Initiatives for Sustainable Value Creation in Academia? Lidia Yatluk RUG 2023
Corporate quotas and gender equality within organizations Sören Tumeltshammer RUG 2023
Do migrants in Europe age well? A mixed methods and intervention study in four countries (MIG-AGE) Tuğçe Tezel RUG 2023
Structural discrimination and prejudice: a comparative, cumulative and intersectional perspective’. Ely Strömberg UvA 2023
You belong with me: Explaining ethnic minority citizens’ experiences of political inclusion Anuschka Peelen RU 2023
Social Movements in Iran: Why do Iranian Social Movements Fail? Mazlum Özkan RUG 2023
Examining pathways to more sustainable consumption – the role of social-norm interventions Joyce Pang UU 2023
Spatial Effects on Network Social Capital and Cohesion of Occupational Groups Zhiyi Jin RUG 2023
Women in Policing Gemma Geuke UU 2023
Recognition and Acknowledgement of Shared Economic Disadvantage Eduardo Campbell-Bethancourt RUG 2023
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs): Sustainable Cooperation through Reputation Based Governance and Smart Consensus? Ilya Lavrov RUG 2023
Are dual identifiers (perceived as) social bridges in interethnic networks of youth? Lexin Chen UU 2023
The impact of recognizing dual identifiers on interethnic relations among youth Evangelos Dimosiaris UU 2023
Work-related gender norms in the Netherlands Annelie Brüning UU 2023
The role of self-regulation in understanding inequality in educational opportunity Nathalie Aerts UvA 2023
The role of religious cognition for the integration of Sunni Muslims Yağmur Rumeli UvA 2023
Per similarity in self regulatory abilities Alexandra Pior RUG 2023
Sustainable inter-organizational networks for post-disaster recover Lavinia Damaschin RUG 2023
Individual and collective strategies to improve unsatisfactory working conditions Jane Alexandra Siwa RUG 2024
Contextual effects on sexually and gender diverse youth’s school outcomes and health Miriam Dietz RUG 2023
Consensual bargaining strategies: the road tosustainable industrial relations in an era of liberalization and precarization Roos Winter RUG 2023
Why structurally integrated second-generation immigrants experience more discrimination from ethnic majority members. A two-sided approach to the integration paradox Chloé Lavest UU 2022
“Diverse We stand” – Organizational Leadership Diversity and sustainable value creation in Periods of Crises Giorgos Michelakis RUG 2023
Identities and Networks #1: social mechanisms linking group identities, social network structures and sustainable cooperation Daniel Cowen RUG 2022
Elderly Care of Chinese Immigrants in the Netherlands: Attitudes, Family Solidarity and Well-being Peiyao Zhang UU 2022
Understanding nonresponse in surveys Lisanne Slot RUG 2022
Cooperation Decay within Organizations Sayoni Santara RUG 2022
Rule compliance in Covid-19 era Rossella Vulcano RUG 2022
Being the target of ethnic discrimination: A multi-actor study of discrimination attributions at the workplace Kaja Warnke UU 2022
Recognizing dual ethnic/national identifiers in social networks: causes and consequences Anniek Schlette UU 2022
Retirement preparation among migrants in Europe Sara Marcora UU 2022
Women without a paid job and social benefits: a life course perspective Lea Kröner UU 2022
Teachers’ socialization of positive intergroup relations. Disentangling ethnicity and social class Iris Boer UU 2022
Understanding fertility outcomes by trying to predict them Lisa Sivak RUG 2022
Plugged in? Effects of network embeddedness of Community initiatives on their success Dennis Nientimp RUG 2022
“SPIN-OUT”: Predicting and preventing a spiral of mutually reinforcing negative outgroup attitudes (spin-out) in multi-ethnic classrooms Alla Loseva RUG 2022
A life-course simulation approach to understanding fertility outcomes Rolf Granholm RUG 2022
A life-course perspective on work-care patterns and their consequences Aysegül Güneyli RU 2022
Diversity and multiplexity on the job: drawing on colleagues for career success Paula Hoffmann UU 2021
Inclusivity Norms to Counter Polarization in European Societies Jan-Willem Simons UU 2021
Employers’ evaluation of late-career vocational and general graduates in two countries Luisa Burchartz UvA 2021
Global Financial Governance Networks: Ruptures, Reforms, and the Rise of China Tiya (Jingting) Lei RUG 2021
Evaluating the effects of experiences with the police and police legitimacy on criminal behaviour Amina Op de Weegh UU 2021
Social Networks as Change Agents for Equal Career Opportunities of Dutch PhDs? Anne Maaike Mulders RU 2021
Antecedents and Consequences of Defenders’ Influence among Dutch Children Zhe Dong RUG 2021
Career effects of education: a life course perspective (ERC Project CAREER) Viktor Decker UvA 2021
Understanding old-age inequality: The impact of work, family, and health trajectories on post-retirement economic, social, and psychological well-being across Europe Mustafa Firat RU 2021
The Socio-Political impact of Islamic Religiosity among Muslim citizens in Europe Today (Spirit) Rachel Kollar RU 2021
Volunteering for Refugees in the Netherlands: Building a Common Identity Maikel Meijeren RU 2020
Social networks and physical activity Rob Franken RU 2020
Early career workers and leisure time activity Sara Wiertsema RU 2020
Sources and consequences of beliefs about ethnic inequalities and discrimination Katrin Müller RU 2020
Mental health and psychosocial support for displaced persons: The unintended consequences. Tessa Ubels RU 2020
The emergence of sustainable care cooperatives, the role of social networks Kevin Wittenberg UU 2020
Resources, Intersectionality and Institutions: Determinants of Social Benefit Dependency Jos Slabbekoorn UU 2020
Multiplexity in Criminal Networks Fenna van der Wijk RUG 2020
Further development of the ‘GRIP&GLEAM’ programme for people with a distance to the labormarket and young adults Amber Dings RUG 2020
Reconciling epistemic and demographic diversity Jonas Stein RUG 2020
A new urban-rural divide? Explaining attitudinal differences on the basis of inequalities Twan Huijsmans UVA 2019
Flexible employment in 21st century workplaces Sofie Wiersma RUG 2019
Ethnic diversity, norms and networks Nick Wuestenenk UU 2019
The dark side of cooperation Ana Macanovic UU 2019
An effective anti-bullying program for secondary education Elsje de Vries RUG 2019
Social networks and educational inequality in the transition from primary to secondary education Dieuwke Zwier UVA 2019
Ethnic discrimination in organizations: How can we reduce the influence of racial biases on hiring decisions? Tobias Sachs UVA 2019
How organizations shape ethnic discrimination in the labour market: studying organizations Katharina Stückradt UVA 2019
The interplay between ethnic and educational network segregation and opinion polarization Thijmen Jeroense RU 2019
ICT-competency and social inequality in student performance. What roles do family-, school- and country-level factors play? Renae Loh RU 2019
Long-term employment consequences of informal caregiving: a life-course perspective Klara Raiber RU 2019
Family relationships in diverse postdivorce families and outcomes for children and parents Christian Fang UU 2019
Parent-child relationships in diverse postdivorce families and outcomes for children and parents Ece Arat UU 2019
The impact of teacher-student interactions on children’s sense of belonging and the acceptance of diversity Lian van Vemde UU 2019
Subgroups in dynamic social networks Stepan Zaretckii RUG 2019
How positive and negative peer relations affect school well-being, academic achievement, and problem behaviors in secondary education Sofie Lorijn RUG 2019
Social Network and Prosocial Work Behaviour of Men and Women Sanjana Singh UU 2018
The Development of Academic Achievement and Social Adaptation in Peer Networks among Chinese Adolescents Xingna Qin RUG 2018
The link between cooperation, social value orientations, and social networks: Exclusion or stimulation of defectors? Carlos de Matos Fernandes RUG 2018
Mobilizing Households for a sustainable Energy Transition Philipp Schneider UU 2018
Cross-border network governance for sustainable training in health care Aliona Ignatieva RUG 2018
The social well-being of older first-generation migrants Rowan ten Kate RUG 2018
Social perceptions, responses, and skills of chronic victims Sanne Kellij RUG 2018
Not in my classroom! Investigating causes and consequences of teacher attunement Eleonora Marucci RUG 2018
Family members stimulating community involvement Marlou Ramaekers RU 2018
Dealing with diversity: Changes over time in resistance to refugees in the Netherlands Inge Hendriks RU 2018
Occupations, Organizations, and Wage Inequality Christoph Janietz UVA 2018
Sustainability of Public Goods in a Changing Society Kasper Otten UU 2018
Healthy employees in Europe: the organisational context Anne van der Put UU 2018
Quality and inequality: The compensatory and multiplicative effect of school quality Kim Stienstra UU 2018
Informal social networks and organizational inclusion: The invisible minority’s dilemma Julian Rengers RUG 2017
Electoral support for right-wing parties and local ethnic heterogeneity: modelling the macro-micro link Thomas Feliciani RUG 2014
Identity Signaling and Sustainable Cooperation Janine Weeting RUG 2013
Sustainable collaborative networks. Design, dynamics, and decay of cooperation and value creation in a multilevel organizational field Thomas Teekens RUG 2017
Social interactions and well-being Vera Buijs RUG 2017
The effectiveness of reputation systems in online market platforms: A meta-analysis, an experiment and a case study of the Chinese online market Taobao Rita Jiao UU 2017
Perceiving peers’ relationships: Models for three-way social network data Jing Liu RUG 2017
Successful women: Individual opportunities, company policies and general opinions Carly van Mensvoort RU 2017
Who owns the country? Collective psychological ownership and intergroup relations in settler societies Wybren Nooitgedagt UU 2017