Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology

We are a leading research center and graduate school in the Netherlands.

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ICS sociologists work on corona-related issues

ODISSEI & UU grant for ICS researchers

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NWO Open Competition (Social Sciences and Humanities program) grant for Andreas Flache (RUG)

The grant will be used to conduct the project SPIN-OUT: Predicting and preventing a SPiral of mutually reINforcing negative OUTgroup attitudes (spin-out) in multi-ethnic classrooms.

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Our PhD Program

The ICS PhD program is designed for graduates in sociology or related disciplines who would like to acquire a PhD degree and pursue a scientific career. We hire graduates in social, behavioral, and economic sciences and in some cases other sciences such as computer sciences or mathematics.

As a leading institute we provide:

  • full four-year positions
  • more than 10 vacancies a year at 4 universities in the Netherlands
  • a structured program with training in advanced theory construction and research methods by means of courses, tutorials, and individual study
  • support by a personal supervision team and meetings on a regular basis

Upcoming events

PhD Defense Diego Palacios

The title of his dissertation is ‘How context and the perception of peers’ behaviors shape relationships in adolescence'

PhD Defense Saskia Glas

The title of her dissertation is 'Where are the Muslim feminists? Religiosity and support for gender equality in the Arab region'

PhD Defense Tomas Turner-Zwinkels

The title of his dissertation is ‘A New Macro-Micro Approach to the Study of Political Careers: Theoretical, Methodological and Empirical Challenges and Solutions’

PhD Defense Lotte Scheeren

The title of her dissertation is 'Not on the Same Track? Tracking Age and Gender Inequality in Education'