Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology

Postdoc researchers

First name Last name University Topic Contact
Marleen Damman ru labor market, life course, older workers, retirement, solo self-employed email
Maaike Engels rug peer relations, peer status, teacher-student relations, school engagement, motivation email
Janna Besamusca uva labor market, work, family, CBA, employment relationships email
Frank Wanders uva broad political interests, adolescence, development, education, school, statistics, methodology email
Sanne Boschman uu social networks of ethnic groups, welfare dependency email
Paula Thijs uva democratic values among adolescents, conservativ/progressive values, religion, gender email
Müge Simsek uu organization of science and inequality in academia email
Margriet van Hek ru educational sociology, social Stratification, gender inequality, cultural capital, comparative sociology, organizational sociology email
Manja Coopmans uva social development of adolescents and the influence of education email
Liliya Leopold uva social epidemiology, demography, medical sociology email
Lieselotte Blommaert ru discrimination, labor market inequality email
Levi Adelman uu affect of tolerance/intolerance on attitudes and behvaiors email
Katya Ivanova uva family sociology, intergenerational relations and individual well-being role and experiences of stepmothers email
Joyce Delnoij uu sharing economy, behavioral economics, game theory, auction theory email
Jesper Rözer uva life course, social networks, income inequality, health, education email
Jelle Lössbroek uu organisation sociology, ageing email
Hidde Bekhuis ru welfare state, nationalism, sports email
Carsten Sauer ru fairness of earnings, social inequality, survey experiments email
Beau Oldenburg rug bullying, schools, multi-level analysis, research data management, teachers email