Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology

Postdoc researchers

First name Last name University Topic Contact
Samira Azabar ru Social inequalities, intersectionality, feminism, decolonization, religion and inclusion of those who are marginalized email
Stéfanie Sprong uu Social inequality, migration and integration, and education email
Daudi van Veen uu Intergroup relations in childhood through adulthood email
Marie Labussière uva deals with educational and labour market outcomes and the effects of technological change email
Jaap van Slageren uva educational sociology, institutions, voting behaviour, populism, representation and democracy email
Chloé Tolmatcheff rug school bullying prevention, moral disengagement, group norms, implementation, intervention evaluation email
Tom Nijs uu ethnic identification, intergroup contact, social networks, territorial ownership email
Rutger Blom uu work in context, personnel policies, work-related wellbeing, mixed-methods email
Judith Koops ru Inequality, family complexity, family sociology, family demography, childbearing, non-marital childbearing, single motherhood, unmet family planning need, cross-national research email
Weverthon Barbosa Machado uu family dynamics, social stratification, household division of labor, assortative mating email
Tanzhe Tang rug opinion dynamics, agent-based modeling, opinion polarization email
Matthias Kern uu social inequality, institutions, labor market, migration, health sociology email
Vardan Barsegyan uu political and educational inequality, political behavior and attitudes, political representation email
Anne Brons uu family sociology, (post)divorce, social inequality email
Lonneke van den Berg ru family sociology email
Thijmen Jeroense ru 2019 email
Kasper Otten uu 2018 email
Kim Stienstra uu 2018 email
Christoph Janietz rug Social stratification und labor market inequality email
Janna Besamusca uva labor market, work, family, CBA, employment relationships email
Thomas Teekens rug sustainable cooperation, health care education, organizational sociology, social network analysis email
Sanne Boschman uu social networks of ethnic groups, welfare dependency email