Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology


First name Last name University Topic Contact
Marieke Haan rug Survey Methodology, mixed-mode and mixed-device surveys, targeting of hard-to-survey populations, interviewer-respondent interaction email
Valentina Di Stasio uu ethnic, gender and religious discrimination in the (British) labour market email
Zoltán Lippényi rug organizational Sociology, sociology of Work, social Inequality, mobility, stratification email
Wojtek Przepiorka uu analytical sociology, economic sociology, game theory, organizational behaviour, quantitative methodology, in particular experimental methods email
Werner Raub uu analytical social science, philosophy, choice models, game-theoretic models email
Vincent Buskens uu social networks, game theory, experimental, mathematical and theoretical sociology, research methods email
Verena Seibel rug inter-ethnic relations, welfare state attitudes, immigrant labour market integration email
Tom Snijders rug social networks, multilevel analysis, stochastic models, social influence email
Tobias Stark uu contact theory, cultural diversity in parenting and education, ethnic groups, integration, racism, school segregation, social networks, stereotype, prejudice, black schools email
Thomas Leopold uva family sociology, life course research, demography, social stratification email
Thijs Bol uva stratification, wage inequality, education, occupations email
Tanja van der Lippe uu family sociology, organisation sociology email
Stijn Ruiter uu social and spatial aspects of criminal and other deviant behavior email
Stephanie Steinmetz uva social stratification, gender and educational inequalities, comparative labour market research, quantitative and qualitative research methods email
Stéfanie André ru part time work, gender roles, housing market email
Siegwart Lindenberg rug cognitive sociology, goal-forming theory, solidarity, groups and relationships email
Sara Geven uva educational sociology, social stratification, teacher expectations and track recommendations, social networks, quantitative methods and statistics email
Sabrina de Regt UU email
Rudi Wielers rug sociology of work, sociology of organisation email
Roza Meuleman ru cultural, nationalism email
Ronald Batenburg ru health care profession, education, labor market policy email
Rob Eisinga ru research methods, statistics email
Rie Bosman rug education, inequality and stratification, family email
Rense Corten uu Computational social science, Experimental sociology, social media, Social networks, sociology, game theory, citizens' collectivities email
René Veenstra rug bullying, victimization, prosocial and antisocial behavior, peers, social networks email
Rafael Wittek rug organization research, social network analysis, humanitarian aid, aging email
Peer Scheepers ru comparative research, social cohesion, diversity email
Özge Bilgili uu migration and integration policy analysis, citizenship, mobility, migration email
Niels Spierings ru islam, gender diversity, populism, social media, Middle-East, migration email
Nardi Steverink rug healthy aging, life course, social relations, well-being, happiness email
Michael Mäs rug computational social science email
Michael Savelkoul ru ethnic diversity, prejudices, social cohesion email
Mérove Gijsberts uu dynamics of immigrant integation email
Maykel Verkuyten uu relations between cultures and groups email
Maurice Gesthuizen ru poverty, social cohesion email
Matthijs Kalmijn uva family sociology, social demography email
Mark Huisman rug missing data, imputation, multivariate statistics, network analysis email
Mark Visser ru older workers, radicalization, social cohesion email
Marijtje van Duijn rug regression, multilevel, social network analysis, generalized linear modelling email
Marijn van Klingeren ru cohesion, public opinion, political communication, immigration email
Marco van Leeuwen uu charity, philanthropy, history of risk, long term change, mutual aid, segregation, social inequality, social stratification and mobility, social welfare, insurance email
Marcel van Assen uu frailty, game theory, social dilemmas, social networks email
Marcel Lubbers ru exclusion, radicalization, integration email
Maarten Wolbers ru educational and labor market inequality email
Maaike van der Vleuten ru gender roles, gender inequality, methods, statistics email
Liesbet Heyse rug organization research, public sector reform, nonprofit sector change email
Kees Aarts rug democracy, electoral behaviour email
Katia Begall ru couple analysis, work-family conflicts, fertility email
Jornt Mandemakers uu family sociology, social demography email
Jochem Thijs uu (ethnic) relations in educational contexts,  educational adjustment of ethnic minority children and adolescents email
Jochem Tolsma ru inequality, criminology, ethnic diversity email
Jeroen Weesie uu trust and cooperation, mathematical modeling, computer simulation email
Jan Kornelis Dijkstra rug status, antisocial behavior, risk behavior, adolescence, gene-environment email
Jacob Dijkstra rug game theory, exchange networks, collective decision making, inter-group conflict email
Ineke Maas uu integration, country comparison, long term change, inequality, social mobility email
Herman van de Werfhorst uva ethnical inequality in labor market, social capital, social participation email
Gijs Huitsing rug bullying, victimization, prosocial and antisocial behavior, peer relation, group dynamics email
Gert Stulp rug reproductive decision making, egocentric networks, biosocial approach, evulationary theory email
Gerbert Kraaykamp ru eductional inequality, culture, health email
Geetha Reddy rug diversity, multiculturalism, migration, multi-, inter- and transdisciplinarity in theory and research methods email
Frans Stokman rug models of collective decision making, social networks, sustainability, social cohesion email
Frank van Tubergen uu immigration, religion, social networks, social inequality email
Francesca Giardini rug reputation, gossip, governance, agent-based modelling email
Fenella Fleischmann uu cultural identity, immigrant integration, migration, religion email
Eva Jaspers uu gender and ethnic attitudes, inequality, at home, in schools, labor market email
Ellen Verbakel ru health, family, work email
Daniëlle Jansen rug multi-problem families, health care utilization, medical sociology email
Cok Vrooman uu labor market, poverty, institutions, participation, exclusion, social security email
Christian Steglich rug social networks, stochastic modeling email
Bram Lancee uva ethnical inequality in labor market, social capital, social participation email
Borja Martinovic uu cultural identity, immigrant integration, interethnic attitudes, intra- & intergroup relations, multilingualism, Prejudice and discrimination email
Beate Volker uva social structures in society email
Basak Bilecen rug migration, relational sociology, social network analysis, social inequalities, transnational social protection, internationalization of education email
Arnout van de Rijt uu computational sociology, social and network structures, collective action email
Antonie Knigge uu inequality, sibling models, social mobility, social stratification, status attainment email
Anouk Smeekes uu ethnic relations, Identity and cultural diversity, intra- & intergroup relations, national identity email
Anne-Rigt Poortman uu family sociology, social demography email
Andreas Flache rug social integration, social networks, agent-based modelling, social complexity email
Amy Nivette uu crime, criminal justice, social control email
Agnieszka Kanas uva immigrants' economic disadvantage and integration, stratification and inequality, intergroup attitudes, intergroup relations email
Agnes Akkerman rug sustainable cooperation, collective labor agreements email