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James Coleman Symposium

The last James Coleman Symposium was organized on Friday, March 31, 2023, 13:00-17:00h in Utrecht (Academy Building Utrecht University, Belle van Zuylen Room).

Social Resilience – Transdisciplinary Approaches to Sustainable Cooperation

Improving the resilience and sustainability of our societies remains a key challenge for policy makers and scientists alike. Institutions and behavioral changes that foster cooperation at all scales are key to resilience. But what should these institutions look like? Combining insights from sociology, psychology, history, and philosophy into a joint conceptual framework, and actively engaging with societal stakeholders, the inter-university Sustainable Cooperation (SCOOP) program uses a transdisciplinary approach to solve this puzzle. During this year’s JCA Symposium, Bas van Bavel (historian, UU), Naomi Ellemers (psychologist, UU), Martin van Hees (philosopher, AUC) and Liesbet Heyse (sociologist, ICS/RUG) & Nina Hansen (social psychologist RUG) will present their insights on social resilience and sustainable cooperation. The day will be chaired by the director of the SCOOP Program, Rafael Wittek (sociologist, ICS/RUG).


Information about previous symposia organized by the JCA can be found here:  list symposia JCA.

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