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JCA Travel Grant

The James Coleman Association offers three Travel Grants of up to 500 EUR per academic year in order to stimulate exchanges outside of academia among ICS alumni and current ICS members. The grant is specifically designed to gain insight in employment possibilities and to broaden current or former ICS members’ perspective beyond the scope of their own work field or field of research. The grant can be used to cover travel and accommodation costs of both a one-day trip or an extended stay.


Rules and eligibility

  • The applicant must be a (former) ICS member, currently working as a PhD student or Postdoc.
  • The grant is used to visit or work together with another former or current ICS member, preferably outside academia.
  • A grant cannot be awarded to anyone who received it in the previous year.
  • The grant is not designed to facilitate research visits that are part of ICS PhD program traineeship.
  • The James Coleman Association’s Board will assess the applications.
  • The grant covers only travel and accommodation costs and cannot cover additional expenses, such as local transportation, food, or insurance.
  • Grants are paid only after the visit based on submission of valid receipts.
  • Priority is given to applications who consider sustainable travel options (e.g., making use of public transportation instead of traveling by plane, compensating for CO2 emissions). The sustainable travel policy of the UGhent is considered a golden standard with regards to sustainable travel, so we advise applicants to follow this policy.

How to apply
Send you application by e-mail to including:

  • A cover letter explaining the reason of the visit, the destination, and the receiving ICS alumnus/alumna.
  • Proof of acceptance from the ICS alumnus/alumna to be visited.
  • An approximate cost calculation for the visit. We advise applicants that value for money is a consideration and that the amount applied for should not exceed 500 EUR.
  • Deadline for application: October 1, 2022.

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