In 2002 the James Coleman Association was founded on the occasion of the third lustrum of the ICS (1986-2001). The purpose of the association is to promote training and research in the field of systematic theory building and development of methods in the social sciences. To achieve this purpose, the James Coleman Association develops, a.o., the following activities:

  • The founding of special chairs at the four locations of the ICS.
  • The organization of periodic scientific meetings, such as the annual James Coleman symposium.
  • Publication of a newsletter, i.e. the Bulletin James Coleman Association.
  • The entertainment of vivid relations with ICS alumni.

The board of the James Coleman Association consists of

  • Marjolein Broese van Groenou (chair)
  • Rie Bosman (secretary)
  • Ronald Batenburg
  • Wim Jansen
  • Mark Levels
  • Werner Raub
  • Tom Snijders
  • Paula Thijs
  • Christine Timmerman

Membership of the James Coleman Association is open for friends of the ICS, but especially for current and former ICS members.

Application for membership form

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