Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology

We are a leading research center and graduate school in the Netherlands.

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ERC Starting Grant for Thomas Leopold (UvA)

'Uncovering the Kinship Matrix: A New Study of Solidarity and Transmission in European Families'

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VENI Grant for Liliya Leopold (UvA)

Liliya Leopold (Postdoc UvA) received an NWO grant for her project ‘Social Norms, Body Weight, and Well-Being: A Multi-Method Comparison of Germany, Korea, the Netherlands, and the United States'

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Our PhD Program

The ICS PhD program is designed for graduates in sociology or related disciplines who would like to acquire a PhD degree and pursue a scientific career. We hire graduates in social, behavioral, and economic sciences and in some cases other sciences such as computer sciences or mathematics.

As a leading institute we provide:

  • full four-year positions
  • more than 10 vacancies a year at 4 universities in the Netherlands
  • a structured program with training in advanced theory construction and research methods by means of courses, tutorials, and individual study
  • support by a personal supervision team and meetings on a regular basis

Upcoming events

PhD Defense Tomas Diviak

The title of his thesis is 'Criminal networks: actors, mechanisms, and structures'

PhD defense Tessa Kaufman

The title of her dissertation is 'Toward Tailored Interventions: Explaining, Assessing, and Preventing Persistent Victimization of Bullying’

PhD Defense Lex Thijssen

The title of his dissertation is 'Racial and Ethnic Discrimination in Western Labor Markets: Empirical Evidence from Field Experiments'

PhD Defense Lukas Norbutas

The title of his dissertation is 'Trust on the Dark Web: An analysis of illegal online drug markets'