Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology

NWO Vidi Grants for 2 ICS researchers: Fenella Fleischmann (UvA) & Zoltán Lippényi (UG)

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded Vidi grants worth €800,000 to two ICS researchers.

Prof. dr. Fenella Fleischmann (University of Amsterdam) will be working on her project ‘What does religion mean for integration? The role of religious reasoning’.
Project description: Most immigrants to Europe are more religious than non-migrants and religion is frequently conceived of as a barrier to immigrant integration in predominantly secular societies. Previous research on the relationship between religiosity and immigrant integration has yielded inconclusive results but was limited to religious practices and the subjective importance of religion. Differences in how individuals reason about religion have not yet been systematically considered. Fleischmann’s project examines literal vs. symbolic approaches to religion as additional explanation of immigrant integration and aims to explain individual and group differences in religious reasoning between three religious minority groups in the Netherlands.

Dr. Zoltán Lippényi (University of Groningen) will be working on his project ‘Do corporate boardroom quotas impact gender equality beyond leadership?’.
Project description: A growing number of European countries adopt corporate boardroom quota’s to ensure a more equal representation of women in leadership positions. It is unknown in what ways quota’s impact inequality in earnings and job careers between men and women beyond the leadership of large enterprises. This research project creates a new data infrastructure linking administrative data and surveys to map out multiple pathways how the impact of quota’s trickle down within organizations and spill over within the business community.