Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology

ICS sociologists work on corona-related issues

ODISSEI & UU grant for ICS researchers

In collaboration with researchers from the UvA, UU and RU, Janna Besamusca (UvA) and Roos van der Zwan (UvA), received an ODISSEI grant to do corona-related research – coordinated by Dr. Mara Yerkes (UU) – in the LISS panel. They collected data on gender inequality in relation to working from home combined with home schooling in times of Corona. More information on this website /PDF.

Tobias Stark (UU), Valentina di Stasio (UU), and Maykel Verkuyten (UU) have been awarded a grant of the covid-19 fund of the Faculty of Social Science at Utrecht University for applied social and behavioral science research, which is relevant and directly applicable in the fight against (the further spread of) the corona virus. The project will be executed with support of Simon de Jong and study how adults’ and students’ social networks affects people’s willingness to comply with covid-19 policy measures.