Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology

NWO Open Competition (Social Sciences and Humanities program) grant for Andreas Flache (RUG)

The grant will be used to conduct the project SPIN-OUT: Predicting and preventing a SPiral of mutually reINforcing negative OUTgroup attitudes (spin-out) in multi-ethnic classrooms.

About the project: Increasing ethnic diversity of society raises concerns that a vicious cycle may arise in which negative attitudes about outgroups mutually reinforce each other. SPIN-OUT studies this with computer simulations and data from ethnically diverse classrooms. Aim is to propose school policies that could help to prevent vicious cycles.

The grant involves about 350.000 Euro including one PhD Position at ICS Groningen. ICS members Michael Mäs (RUG) and Christian Steglich (RUG) are involved as research team members in the project. More information (also in Dutch).