Completed dissertations

Olav Aarts (RU, year group 2004)

Religious Diversity and Religious Involvement. A Study of Religious Markets in Western Societies at the End of the Twentieth Century.

Anja Abendroth (UU, year group 2008)

Labour Market Inequalities between Men and Women in Europe

Marjolein Achterkamp (RUG, year group 1994)

Influence Strategies in Collective Decision Making. A Comparison of Two Models.

Agnes Akkerman (RUG, year group 1994)

Verdeelde vakbeweging en stakingen. Concurrentie om leden.

Ozan Aksoy (UU, year group 2007)

Asymmetric Social Dilemmas with Applications to Inter-Ethnic Relations

Jim Allen (RUG, year group 1991)

Sector Composition and the Effect of Education on Wages: an International Comparison.

Javier Arregui (RUG, year group 1999)

Negotiation in Legislative Decision-Making in the European Union.

Marcel van Assen (UU, year group 1996)

Essays on Actor Perspectives in Exchange Networks and Social Dilemmas.

Corine Baarda (RUG, year group 1993)

Politieke besluiten en boeren beslissingen. Het draagvlak van het mestbeleid tot 2000.

István Back (RUG, year group 2003)

Commitment and Evolution: Connecting Emotion and Reason in Long-term Relationships.

Nicoletta Balbo (RUG, year group 2008)

Fertility, Social Capital and Personal Network

Davide Barrera (UU, year group 2000)

Trust in Embedded Settings.

Tamás Bartus (RUG, year group 1996)

Social Capital and Earnings Inequalities. The Role of Informal Job Search in Hungary.

Ronald Batenburg (RUG, year group 1986)

Automatisering in bedrijf.

Wike Been (UU, year group 2010)

Higher Level Managers and Workplace Work-Life Policies in European Organizations

Katia Begall (RUG, year group 2008)

Occupational Hazard? The Relation between Occupations and Fertility

Hidde Bekhuis (RU, year group 2008)

The Popularity of Domestic Cultural Products: Cross-National Differences and the Relation to Globalization

René Bekkers (UU, year group 1997)

Giving and Volunteering in the Netherlands: Sociological and Psychological Perspectives.

Marijke von Bergh (UU, year group 1992)

Loopbanen van oudere werknemers.

Wim Bernasco (UU, year group 1989)

Effects of Spouse’s Resources on Success at Work.

Jaco Berveling (RUG, year group 1988)

Het stempel op de besluitvorming. Macht, invloed en besluitvorming op twee Amsterdamse beleidsterreinen.

Lieselotte Blommaert (RU, year group 2008)

Prevalence and sources of ethnic discrimination in the Dutch labour market: Evidence from experimental and survey data

Boris Blumberg (UU, year group 1992)

Das Management von Technologiekoop¬erationen. Partnersuche und Verhandlungen mit dem Partner aus Empirisch Theoretischer Perspektive.

Kwasi Boahene (UU, year group 1990)

Innovation Adoption as a Socio Economic Process. The Case of the Ghanaian Cocoa Industry.

Michal Bojanowski (UU, year group 2005)

Network Formation under Heterogenity

Jan van den Bos (UU, year group 1986)

Dutch EC Policy Making. A Model Guided Approach to Coordination and Negotiation.

Ed Boxman (UU, year group 1987)

Contacten en carrière. Een empirisch theoretisch onderzoek naar de relatie tussen sociale netwerken en arbeidsmarktposities.

Hilde Bras (UU, year group 1995)

Zeeland maids. Domestic service in the life course of women, 1850-1950.

Marjolein Broese van Groenou (UU, year group 1986)

Gescheiden Netwerken. De relaties met vrienden en verwanten na echtscheiding.

Alinda van Bruggen (RUG, year group 1994)

Individual Production of Social Well Being. An Exploratory Study.

Simon de Bruijn (UU, year group 2013)

Parenting plans of Dutch divorced and separated parents: What, who and does it work?

Lieke ten Brummelhuis (UU, year group 2005)

Family Matters at Work. Depleting and Enriching Effects of Employees’ Family lives on Work Outcomes.

Freek Bucx (UU, year group 2004)

Linked Lives: Young Adults’ Life Course and Relations With Parents.

Gerhard van de Bunt (RUG, year group 1993)

Friends by Choice. An Actor-Oriented Statistical Network Model for Friendship Networks Through Time.

Vincent Buskens  (UU, year group 1994)

Social networks and trust

Jooske van Busschbach (RUG, year group 1988)

Uit het oog, uit het hart? Stabiliteit en verandering in persoonlijke relaties.

Anneke Cancrinus-Matthijsse (RUG, year group 1988)

Tussen hulpverlening en ondernemerschap. Beroepsuitoefening en taakopvattingen van openbare apothekers in een aantal West Europese landen.

Marcel Coenders (UU, year group 1995)

Nationalistic Attitudes and Ethnic Exclusionism in a Comparative Perspective: An Empirical Study of Attitudes Toward the Country and Ethnic Immigrants in 22 Countries.

Manja Coopmans (UU, year group 2013)

Solidarity among adolescents: The role of national commemorations and celebrations in a multi-ethnic society.

Rense Corten (UU, year group 2004)

Co-evolution of Social Networks and Behavior in Social Dilemmas: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives.

Marnix Croes (RU, year group 1996)

Gif laten wij niet voortbestaan. Een onderzoek naar de overlevingskansen van joden in de Nederlandse gemeenten, 1940-1945.

Marcel van Dam (UU, year group 1988)

Regio zonder regie. Verschillen in en effectiviteit van gemeentelijk arbeidsmarktbeleid.

Marie-Louise Damen (UU, year group 2000)

Cultural Participation and CKV. Studies on effects of arts education on students’ cultural participation during and after secondary education

Liset van Dijk (UU, year group 1990)

Choices in Child Care. The Distribution of Child Care Among Mothers, Fathers and Non Parental Care Providers.

Jan Kornelis Dijkstra (RUG, year group 2002)

Status and Affection among (Pre)Adolescents and Their Relation with Antisocial and Prosocial Behavior.

Jacob Dijkstra (RUG, year group 2002)

The Effects of Externalities on Partner Choice and Payoffs in Exchange Networks.

Maja Djundeva (RUG, year group 2011)

The Impact of Family Status on Healthy Aging: A Life Course Approach

Ingrid Doorten (UU, year group 2001)

The Division of Unpaid Work in the Household: A Stubborn Pattern?

Patricia van Echtelt (RUG, year group 2000)

Time-Greedy Employment Relationships: Four Studies on the Time Claims of Post-Fordist Work.

Marcel van Egmond (RU, year group 1995)

Rain Falls on All of Us (but Some Manage to Get More Wet than Others): Political Context and Electoral Participation.

Lucienne van Eijk (RUG, year group 1989)

Activity and Well being in the Elderly.

Lea Ellwardt (RUG, year group 2006)

Gossip in Organizations. A Social Network Study.

Henrike Elzen (RUG, year group 2002)

Self-Management for Chronically Ill Older People.

Tamar Fischer (RU, year group 1998)

Parental Divorce, Conflict and Resources. The Effects on Children’s Behaviour Problems, Socioeconomic Attainment, and Transitions in the Demographic Career.

Andreas Flache (RUG, year group 1991)

The Double Edge of Networks. An Analysis of the Effect of Informal Networks on Cooperation in Social Dilemmas.

Vincenz Frey (UU, year group 2010)

Trust in Dynamic Networks

Margreet Frieling (RUG, year group 2007)

‘Joint production’ als motor voor actief burgerschap in de buurt.

Martin van der Gaag (RUG, year group 1998)

Measurement of Individual Social Capital.

Ruben van Gaalen (NIDI / UU, year group 2002)

Solidarity and Ambivalence in Parent-Child Relationships.

Alexander Gattig (RUG, year group 1995)

Intertemporal Decision Making.

Thomas Gautschi (UU, year group 1997)

Trust and Exchange, Effects of Temporal Embeddedness and Network Embeddedness on Providing and Dividing a Surplus.

Róbert Gál (RUG, year group 1990)

Unreliability. Contract Discipline and Contract Governance under Economic Transition.

Ayse Güveli (RU, year group 2001)

New Social Classes within the Service Class in the Netherlands and Britain. Adjusting the EGP Class Schema for the Technocrats and the Social and Cultural Specialists.

Maurice Gesthuizen (RU, year group 1999)

The Life-Course of the Low-Educated in the Netherlands: Social and Economic Risks.

Sara Geven (UU, year group 2011)

Peer Networks and Adolescents’ School Outcomes

Maike Gieling (UU, year group 2007)

Adolescents’ Reasoning About Personal Autonomy, Civil Liberties and Rights

Mérove Gijsberts (UU, year group 1994)

The Legitimation of Inequality in State-Socialist and Market Societies, 1987-1996.

Wouter van Gils (RU, year group 2002)

Full-time Working Couples in the Netherlands. Causes and Consequences.

Anne-Geerte van de Goor (UU, year group 1991)

Effects of Regulation on Disability Duration.

Mariola Gremmen (RUG, year group 2014)

Social network processes in academic achievement

André Grow (RUG, year group 2009)

Status differentiation: New insights from agent-based modeling and social network analysis

Jos de Haan (UU, year group 1989)

Research Groups in Dutch Sociology.

Johan Hansen (UU, year group 1997)

Shaping Careers of Men and Women in Organizational Contexts.

Esther Havekes (UU, year group 2009)

Putting Interethnic Attitudes in Context. The Relationship Between Neighbourhood Characteristics, Interethnic Attitudes and Residential Behaviour

Margriet van Hek (UU, year group 2012)

The Male-Female Gap in Educational Success. A Three-Level Cross-National Perspective

Evelyn Hello (RU, year group 1999)

Attainment and Ethnic Attitudes. How to Explain their Relationship.

Hanneke Hermsen (UU, year group 1987)

Votes and Policy Preferences. Equilibria in Party Systems.

Paul Hindriks (UU, year group 2010)

Interminority Attitudes and Political Acculturation in The Netherlands.

Corine Hoeben (RUG, year group 1997)

LETS’ Be a Community. Community in Local Exchange Trading Systems.

Susanne Hoff-de Goede, van’t (UU, year group 2011)

The Wellbeing of Partners of (ex-) Prisoners.

Bas Hofstra (UU, year group 2013)

Ethnic segregation of on-line social networks and its relationship to off-line networks and prejudice.

Martijn Hogerbrugge (UU, year group 2007)

Family Solidarity: Changes Over Time and its Causes and Consequences

Justine Horgan (RUG, year group 1998)

High Performance Human Resource Management in Ireland and the Netherlands: Adoption and Effectiveness.

Ruud van der Horst (RUG, year group 2005)

Network Effects on Treatment Results in a Closed Forensic Psychiatric Setting.

Mariska van der Horst (UU, year group 2009)

Gender, Aspirations, and Achievements: Relating work and family aspirations to occupational outcomes

Gijs van Houten (UU, year group 2001)

Beleidsuitvoering in gelaagde stelsels. De doorwerking van aanbevelingen van de Stichting van de Arbeid in het CAO-overleg

Willem Huijnk (UU, year group 2005)

Family Life and Ethnic Attitudes. The Role of the Family for Attitudes Towards Intermarriage and Acculturation Among Minority and Majority Groups.

Tim Huijts (UU, year group 2006)

Social Ties and Health in Europe. Individual Associations, Cross-National Variations, and Contextual Explanations.

Gijs Huitsing (RUG, year group 2008)

A social network perspective on bullying

Renée van der Hulst (RUG, year group 1998)

Gender Differences in Workplace Authority: An Empirical Study on Social Networks.

Jack Hutten (UU, year group 1989)

Workload and Provision of Care in General Practice. An Empirical Study of the Relation Between Workload of Dutch General Practitioners and the Content and Quality of their Care.

Tim Immerzeel (UU, year group 2010)

Voting for a change. The democratic lure of populist radical right parties in voting behavior

Katya Ivanova (RUG, year group 2007)

From Parents to Partners: The Impact of Family on Romantic Relationships in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood

Marc Jacobs (UU, year group 1988)

Software: Kopen of Kopiëren? Een sociaal wetenschappelijk onderzoek onder PC gebruikers.

Giedo Jansen (RU, year group 2006)

Social Cleavages and Political Choices. Large-scale Comparisons of Social Class, Religion and Voting Behavior in Western Democracies.

Miranda Jansen (UU, year group 1997)

Waardenoriëntaties en partnerrelaties. Een panelstudie naar wederzijdse invloeden.

Jacques Janssen (RU, year group 1995)

Do Opposites Attract Divorce? Dimensions of Mixed Marriage and the Risk of Divorce in the Netherlands.

Eva Jaspers (UU, year group 2003)

Intolerance over Time. Macro and Micro Level Questions on Attitudes Towards Euthanasia, Homosexuality and Ethnic Minorities.

Janneke Jolij (RUG, year group 2003)

People on Our Minds: When Humanized Contexts Activate Social Norms.

Agnieszka Kanas (RU, year group 2006)

The Economic Performance of Immigrants. The Role of Human and Social Capital.

Annelies Kassenberg (RUG, year group 1997)

Wat scholieren bindt. Sociale gemeenschap in scholen.

Yassine Khoudja (UU, year group 2013)

Explaining Ethnic Minority Women’s Labour Market Participation: the Role of Household Composition, Gender Ideology, Religiosity and the Welfare State

Renske Keizer (NIDI / UU, year group 2005)

Remaining Childless. Causes and Consequences from a Life Course Perspective.

Kees Keizer (RUG, year group 2008)

The Spreading of Disorder.

Carolien Klein Haarhuis (UU, year group 1999)

Promoting Anti-Corruption Reforms. Evaluating the Implementation of a World Bank Anti-Corruption Program in Seven African Countries (1999-2001).

Rianne Kloosterman (RU, year group 2005)

Social Background and Children’s Educational Careers. The Primary and Secondary Effects of Social Background over Transitions and over Time in the Netherlands.

Andrea Knecht (UU, year group 2002)

Friendship Selection and Friends’ Influence. Dynamics of Networks and Actor Attributes in Early Adolescence.

Antonie Knigge (UU, year group 2009)

Siblings in the Netherlands: Measured and unmeasured family effects on occupational status attainment of children

Valeska Korff (RUG, year group 2007)

Professionalizing Humanitarian Aid – Changes in and Effects of HRM Policies in Humanitarian Organizations

Sylvia Korupp (UU, year group 1995)

Mothers and the Process of Social Stratification.

Ferry Koster (RUG, year group 2000)

For the Time Being. Accounting for Inconclusive Findings Concerning the Effects of Temporary Employment Relationships on Solidary Behavior of Employees.

Thomas Kowalewski (RUG, year group 2010)

Self-Improvement Interventions and their Effects on Employee Well-Being, Performance, and Cooperation

Gerbert Kraaykamp (RU, year group 1988)

Over lezen gesproken. Een studie naar sociale differentiatie in leesgedrag.

Jan Kratzer (RUG, year group 1996)

Communication and Performance: An Empirical Study in Innovation Teams.

Madelon Kroneman (UU, year group 1993)

Healthcare Systems and Hospital Bed Use.

Per Kropp (UU, year group 1992)

Berufserfolg im Transformationsprozeß. Eine theoretisch empirische Studie über die Gewinner und Verlierer der Wende in Ostdeutschland.

Alona Labun (RUG, year group 2007)

Social Networks and Informal Power in Organizations

Mattijs Lambooij (RUG, year group 2000)

Promoting Cooperation. Studies into the Effects of Long-Term and Short-Term Rewards on Cooperation of Employees.

Joran Laméris (RU, year group 2013)

The geographic scale of the ethnic diversity-social cohesion relationship: Why only neighbourhood ethnic diversity erodes cohesion and only cohesion within neighbourhoods

Marloes de Lange (RU, year group 2008)

Labor Market Precarity among Dutch Youth: Causes and Consequences

Roger Leenders (RUG, year group 1990)

Structure and Influence. Statistical Models for the Dynamics of Actor Attributes, Network Structure, and their Interdependence.

Marco van Leeuwen (UU, IISG, year group 1986)

Bijstand in Amsterdam, ca. 1800 – 1850. Armenzorg als beheersings en overlevingsstrategie.

Mark Levels (RU, year group 2006)

Abortion Laws in European Countries between 1960 and 2010. Legislative Developments and Their Consequences for Women’s Reproductive Decision-making.

Cornelis van Liere (RUG, year group 1986)

Lastige Leerlingen. Een empirisch onderzoek naar sociale oorzaken van probleemgedrag op basisscholen.

Paul Ligthart (RUG, year group 1988)

Solidarity in Economic Transactions. An Experimental Study of Framing Effects in Bargaining and Contracting.

Ellen Lindeman (UU, year group 1990)

Participatie in vrijwilligerswerk.

Zoltán Lippényi (UU, year group 2009)

Transition toward an open society? Intergenerational Social Mobility in Hungary in the 19th and 20th centuries

Tanja van der Lippe (UU, year group 1988)

Arbeidsverdeling tussen mannen en vrouwen.

Jelle Lössbroek (UU, year group 2014)

Turning grey into gold. Employer-employee interplay in ageing workforce

Marieke van Londen (RU, year group 2006)

Exclusion of Ethnic Minorities in the Netherlands. The Effects of Individual and Situational Characteristics on Opposition to Ethnic Policy and Ethnically Mixed Neighbourhoods

Marcel Lubbers (RU, year group 1996)

Exclusionistic Electorates. Extreme Right Wing Voting in Western Europe.

Ineke Maas (UU, year group 1986)

Deelname aan podiumkunsten via de podia, de media en actieve beoefening. Substitutie of leereffecten?

Cora Maas (UU, year group 1987)

Probleemleerlingen in het basisonder¬wijs.

Mieke Maliepaard (UU, year group 2007)

Contextualising Religiosity of Dutch Muslims

Borja Martinovic (UU, year group 2005)

Interethnic Contacts: A Dynamic Analysis of Interaction Between Immigrants and Natives in Western Countries.

Uwe Matzat (RUG, year group 1996)

Social Networks and Cooperation in Electronic Communities. A theoretical-empirical Analysis of Academic Communication and Internet Discussion Groups.

Michael Mäs (RUG, year group 2005)

The Diversity Puzzle. Explaining Clustering and Polarization of Opinions.

Peter Mühlau (RUG, year group 1989)

The Governance of the Employment Relation. A Relational Signaling Perspective.

Tom van der Meer (RU, year group 2004)

States of Freely Associating Citizens: Comparative Studies into the Impact of State Institutions on Social, Civic and Political Participation.

Peter van der Meer (RUG, year group 1988)

Verdringing op de Nederlandse arbeidsmarkt. Sector en sekseverschillen.

Vivian Meertens (RU, year group 1998)

Depressive Symptoms in the General Population: a Multifactorial Social Approach.

Roza Meuleman (UU, year group 2009)

Own Culture First? Nationalism and National Cultural Consumption

Ruud van der Meulen (RU, year group 2000)

Brug over Woelig Water: Lidmaatschap van Sportverenigingen, Vriendschappen, Kennissenkringen en Veralgemeend Vertrouwen.

Suwatin Miharti (external Phd RUG, year group 2013)

The Role of Public Health Centers in Improving Primary Care Performance in Indonesia

Nynke van Miltenburg (UU, year group 2010)

The Feasibility of Cooperation under Various Sanctioning Institutions

Anca Minescu (UU, year group 2004)

The Effect of Relative Group Size on Intergroup Relations

Hester Moerbeek (RU, year group 1993)

Friends and Foes in the Occupational Career. The Influence of Sweet and Sour Social Capital on the Labour Market.

Sigrid Mohnen (UU, year group 2007)

The Effect of Neighborhood Social Capital and Personal Network on Individual Health

Gerald Mollenhorst (UU, year group 2004)

Networks in Contexts. How Meeting Opportunities Affect Personal Relationships.

Christiaan Monden (RU, year group 1998)

Education, Inequality and Health. The Impact of Partners and Life Course.

Nienke Moor (RU, year group 2003)

Explaining Worldwide Religious Diversity. The Relationship between Subsistence Technologies and Ideas about the Unknown in Pre-industrial and (Post-)industrial Societies.

Dominik Morbitzer (UU, year group 2008)

Complex Networks of Cooperative Relations

Edson Manuel Muñoz-Herrera (RUG, year group 2010)

Social Exchange Networks and Team Performance

Anke Munniksma (RU, year group 2008)

The Resistance to and Significance of Adolescents’ Cross-Ethnic Friendships in Multi-Ethnic Schools

Tatang Muttaqin (RUG, year group 2012)

The education divide in Indonesia: Four essays on determinants of unequal access to and quality of education

Ineke Nagel (UU, year group 1996)

Cultuurdeelname in de levensloop.

Ariana Need (RU, year group 1992)

The Kindred Vote. Individual and Family Effects of Social Class and Religion on Electoral Change in the Netherlands, 1956 1994.

Anna Petra Nieboer (RUG, year group 1992)

Life Events and Well Being: A Prospective Study on Changes in Well Being of Elderly People Due to a Serious Illness Event or Death of the Spouse.

Jacques Niehof (RU, year group 1992)

Resources and Social Reproduction: The Effects of Cultural and Material Resources on Educational and Occupational Careers in Industrial Nations at the End of the Twentieth Century.

Fernando Nieto Morales (RUG, year group 2010)

The control imperative. Studies on reorganization in the private and public sectors

Nynke Niezink (RUG, year group 2012)

Co-evolution of social networks and real-valued actor attributes.

Bernard Nijstad (UU, year group 1995)

How the Group Affects the Mind: Effects of Communication in Idea Generating Groups.

Natascha Notten (RU, year group 2005)

Parents and the Media. Causes and Consequences of Parental Media Socialization.

Beau Oldenburg (RUG, year group 2011)

Bullying in schools: The role of teachers and classmates

Annemarije Oosterwaal (UU, year group 2007)

The Gap between Decision and Implementation. Decision making, Delegation and Compliance in Governmental and Organizational Settings.

Jessica Pass (RUG, year group 2004)

The Self in Social Rejection.

Kim Pattiselanno (RUG, year group 2010)

The group dynamics of adolescent risk behavior: The importance of clique characteristics for peer influencing

Birgit Pauksztat (RUG, year group 2005)

Speaking up in Organizations: Four Studies on Employee Voice.

Diane Payne (RUG, year group 1992)

Policy Making in the European Union: an Analysis of the Impact of the Reform of the Structural Funds in Ireland.

Carlijne Philips (RUG, year group 1997)

Vakantiegemeenschappen. Kwalitatief en Kwantitatief Onderzoek naar Gelegenheid en Refreshergemeenschap tijdens de Vakantie.

Mirjam Plantinga (RUG, year group 2001)

Employee Motivation and Employee Performance in Child Care. The effects of the Introduction of Market Forces on Employees in the Dutch Child-Care Sector.

Rozemarijn van der Ploeg (RUG, year group 2011)

Be a buddy, not a bully? Four studies on emotional and social processes related to bullying, defending and victimization

Anne Rigt Poortman (UU, year group 1996)

Socioeconomic Causes and Consequences of Divorce.

Koos Postma (RUG, year group 1990)

Changing Prejudice in Hungary. A Study on the Collapse of State Socialism and Its Impact on Prejudice Against Gypsies and Jews.

Gina-Felicia Potarca (RUG, year group 2010)

Modern Love.Comparative Insights in Online Dating Preferences and Assortative Mating

Patrick Präg (RUG, year group 2009)

Social Stratification and Health. Four Essays on Social Determinants of Health and Wellbeing

Marieke van de Rakt (RU, year group 2004)

Two generations of Crime: The Intergenerational Transmission of Convictions over the Life Course

Jan Reitsma (RU, year group 2002)

Religiosity and Solidarity – Dimensions and Relationships Disentangled and Tested.

Jeanette Renema (RU, year group 2015)

Migrants’ Welfare State Attitudes

Merijn Rengers (UU, year group 1996)

Economic Lives of Artists. Studies into Careers and the Labour Market in the Cultural Sector.

Arieke Rijken (UU, year group 2004)

Happy Families, High Fertility? Childbearing Choices in the Context of Family and Partner Relationships.

Susanne Rijken (UU, year group 1993)

Educational Expansion and Status Attainment. A Cross-National and Over-Time Comparison.

Loes van Rijsewijk (RUG, year group 2013)

Antecedents and Consequences of Adolescents’ Prosocial Relationships: Peer Group Dynamics at the Individual, Dyadic, Network, and Contextual Level

Chaïm la Roi (RUG, year group 2014)

Stigma and Stress: Studies on Attitudes towards Sexual Minority Orientations and the Association between Sexual Orientation and mental Health

Anne Roeters (UU, year group 2005)

Family Life Under Pressure? Parents’ Paid Work and the Quantity and Quality of Parent-Child and Family Time.

Josja Rokven (RU, year group 2012)

The reciprocal relationship between criminal victimization and offending

Gerrit Rooks (UU, year group 1995)

Contract en Conflict: Strategisch Management van Inkooptransacties.

Peter van Roozendaal (RUG, year group 1988)

Cabinets in Multi Party Democracies. The Effect of Dominant and Central Parties on Cabinet Composition and Durability.

Jesper Rözer (UU, year group 2011)

Personal Networks and the Life Course

Esther de Ruijter (UU, year group 1999)

Household Outsourcing.

Stijn Ruiter (UU, year group 2002)

Association in Context and Association as Context: Causes and Consequences of Voluntary Association Involvement.

Britta Ruschoff (RUG, year group 2010)

Social Relationships with Peers in the School-to-Work Transition

Karin Sanders (RUG, year group 1987)

Vrouwelijke Pioniers. Vrouwen en mannen met een ‘mannelijke’ hogere beroepsopleiding aan het begin van hun loopbaan.

Michael Savelkoul (RU, year group 2009)

Ethnic Diversity in Local Communities. Its Relationship with Solidarity with the In-Group and Exclusionism of Out-Groups

Jelmer Schalk (UU, year group 2007)

The Performance of Public Corporate Actors: Essays on Effects of Institutional and Network Embeddedness in Supranational, National, and Local Collaborative Contexts

Djamila Schans (UU, year group 2002)

Ethnic Diversity in Intergenerational Solidarity.

Marieke van Schellen (UU, year group 2005)

Marital Relationships and Crime over the Life Course: the Criminal Careers of Convicts and their Spouses

Wiebke Schulz (UU, year group 2007)

Careers in Context

Hanneke Schuurmans (RUG, year group 2000)

Promoting Well-Being in Frail Elderly People. Theory and Intervention.

Michael Schweinberger (RUG, year group 2002)

Statistical Methods for Studying the Evolution of Networks and Behavior.

Miranda Sentse (RUG, year group 2006)

Bridging Contexts: The interplay between Family, Child, and Peers in Explaining Problem Behavior in Early Adolescence.

Timo Septer (RUG, year group 2005)

Goal Priorities, Cognition and Conflict. Analyses of Cognitive Maps Concerning Organizational Changes.

Inge Sieben (RU, year group 1996)

Sibling Similarities and Social Stratification. The Impact of Family Background across Countries and Cohorts.

Jellie Sierksma (UU, year group 2010)

Bounded Helping: The Development of Out-Group Helping Among Children.

Jelle Sijtsema (RUG, year group 2006)

Adolescent Aggressive Behavior: Status and Stimulation Goals in Relation to the Peer Context.

Mala Sondang Silitonga (RUG, year group 2013)

Institutional Change, Social Networks, and Corruption: The Case of Leaders in Indonesia’s Public Sector

Roderick Sluiter (RU, year group 2007)

The Adoption of Morality Policies in Western Europe

Rita Smaniotto (RUG, year group 1999)

‘You Scratch My Back and I Scratch Yours’ Versus ‘Love Thy Neighbour’. Two Proximate Mechanisms of Reciprocal Altruism.

Anouk Smeekes (UU, year group 2009)

Historical understandings of national identity, group processes and intergroup relations

Wilma Smeenk (RU, year group 1993)

Opportunity and Marriage. The Impact of Individual Resources and Marriage Market Structure on First Marriage Timing and Partner Choice in the Netherlands.

Sanne Smith (UU, year group 2010)

Ethnic Segregation in Friendship Networks: Studies of its Determinants in English, German, Dutch, and Swedish School Classes

Fransje Smits (RU, year group 2007)

Religiosity among Immigrants

Chris Snijders (UU, year group 1991)

Trust and Commitments.

Tali Spiegel (RUG, year group 2011)

Invisible disability: wellbeing and career outcomes of individuals with degenerative eye conditions

Marinus Spreen (RUG, year group 1992)

Sampling Personal Network Structures: Statistical Inference in Ego-Graphs.

Tobias Stark (UU, year group 2006)

Integration in Schools. A Process Perspective on Students’ Interethnic Attitudes and Interpersonal Relationships.

Wouter Steenbeek (UU, year group 2006)

Social and Physical Disorder. How Community, Business Presence and Entrepreneurs Influence Disorder in Dutch Neighborhoods.

Christian Steglich (RUG, year group 1995)

The Framing of Decision Situations. Automatic Goal Selection and Rational Goal Pursuit.

Nardi Steverink (RUG, year group 1989)

Zo lang mogelijk zelfstandig. Naar een verklaring van verschillen in oriëntatie ten aanzien van opname in een verzorgingstehuis onder fysiek kwetsbare ouderen.

Mathilde Strating (RUG, year group 2001)

Facing the Challenge of Rheumatoid Arthritis. A 13-year Prospective Study among Patients and Cross-Sectional Study among Their Partners.

Conny Taes (UU, year group 1987)

Kijken naar banen. Een onderzoek naar de inschatting van arbeidsmarktkansen bij schoolverlaters uit het middelbaar beroepsonderwijs.

Károly Takács (RUG, year group 1997)

Social Networks and Intergroup Conflict.

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