PhD defence ceremony Manja Coopmans (UU)

March 16, 2018 @ 12:45 pm
Utrecht University Hall
Domplein 29 3512 JE Utrecht

Manja Coopmans (ICS-UU, year group 2013) will defend her dissertation on Friday 16 March at 12:45 PM in the Utrecht University Hall. The title of her dissertation is: Rituals of the past in the context of the present. The role of Remembrance Day and Liberation Day in Dutch society


Every society has its own commemorations and celebrations, the commemoration of the Second World War being perhaps the most widely recognised one due to its major impact worldwide. Manja Coopmans gains more insight in the role of national commemorations in contemporary Western societies by empirically examining determinants and consequences of Dutch citizens’ participation in the activities organised in commemoration of the Second World War. Specific attention is paid to citizens further removed from the historical event that is commemorated, either in time (i.e. later generations) or in geographical distance (i.e. citizens with a migration background). Numerous ways are identified to familiarise citizens with national commemorations. The potential of commemorative participation to positively impact citizens’ broader civic engagement is found to be activity-, audience- and outcome-specific.