VENI grants for Gerine Lodder (RUG) and Sara Geven (UvA)

Two ICS members, Gerine Lodder and Sara Geven, got VENI grants.

The Proximity Project: Loneliness in Adolescence Explained by Social Relations and Social Appraisals
Gerine Lodder

Loneliness in adolescence has detrimental consequences. The Proximity Project will examine what drives the development of loneliness. The focus is on daily contact, friendships, and perceptions of social relations. This will be examined using wearables that measure contact, using smartphone questionnaires, and by analyzing friendship networks.

Gerine Lodder


What do you expect? Studying teacher expectations through an institutional lens
Sara Geven

Teacher expectations and track recommendations for similarly achieving children are higher when they come from more affluent families. What is the role of the national and school context on the formation of these expectations? Using vignette experiments and observational data, this project provides insights on how to tackle educational inequality.

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Some statistics from the NWO website:

Number of (admissible) submissions: 1,115
Gender ratio of submissions: 602 men, 513 women
Number of grants awarded (award rate): 154 (14%)
Gender ratio of awarded grants: 79 men, 75 women
Award rate among women: 15%
Award rate among men: 13%