Peer Scheepers (RU) receives royal honours

On Thursday, April 26, four employees of Radboud University and four of Radboudumc received a royal award for their exceptional scientific and social merits.

Professor of Methods and Techniques of Social Scientific Research Peer Sheepers is one of them. Professor Scheepers conducts research into social cohesion issues: solidarity with members of your own group (social contacts and mutual assistance) and hostility towards members of other groups (prejudice, exclusion, discrimination). Scheepers is among the top 1% most cited social scientists worldwide in the period 2001-2010 and therefore among the world leaders in sociology. The sociological education and research of Radboud University is highly valued over a long period of years. Sociology has been a leading training course for many years, and Scheepers has certainly contributed to this. His own research into social prejudices and ethnocentrism has a major social impact.

For years Scheepers was the scientific director of the Nijmegen Institute for Social Cultural Research, NISCO. He supervised more than 35 PhD students, received many research grants and published in leading international journals.

Scheepers is a valued director, was a member of numerous nomination advisory committees and is Vice Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences. At the national and local administrative level, he plays a visible role as an authoritative adviser and speaker. He is a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences (KNAW) and the Academia Europaea, the scientific academy of Europe.