18.8 Millions for SCOOP

NWO has awarded SCOOP with a grant of 18.8 milions. SCOOP is a research and training center dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of sustainable cooperation as a key feature of resilient societies. The center connects research groups from sociology, psychology, history, philosophy, public administration, research methods, and statistics. SCOOP is a joint inititative by the University of Groningen (Strategic Theme Sustainable Society) and Utrecht University (Strategic Theme Institutions for Open Societies), and also involves researchers from the VU Amsterdam, the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Radbout University Nijmegen.

Download the University of Groningen Zwaartekracht – newspaper

More information on SCOOP: http://www.scoop-program.org/


rafael wittek


Coordinating researcher

Prof. Dr. Rafael Wittek, University of Groningen, Sociology (r.p.m.wittek@rug.nl) – profile


Core group

  • Prof. Dr. Naomi Ellemers, Utrecht University (n.ellemers@uu.nl) – profile
  • Prof. Dr. Martin van Hees, VU University Amsterdam (m.van.hees@vu.nl) – profile
  • Prof. Dr. Bas van Bavel, Utrecht University (b.j.p.vanbavel@uu.nl) – profile
  • Prof. Dr. Ir. Tanja van der Lippe, Utrecht University (t.vanderlippe@uu.nl) – profile
  • Prof. Dr. Russell Spears, University of Groningen, Social psychology (r.spears@rug.nl) – profile


Professors Agnes Akkerman, Andreas Flache, Pauline Kleingeld, Jan-Willem Romeijn and Linda Steg also participate in SCOOP on behalf of the University of Groningen.